Bozena Szczurek

BozenaMy name is Bozena Szcsurek.I was born in south Poland in Bielsko-Biala, not far from the place where Pope John Paul II was born. It was a place where dozens of factories were turning Australian wool into exquisite fabrics. As a young person I witnessed a great transformation of the Catholic Church after a very long lasting repression from the communist regime. In 1978 the selection of Cardinal Karol Wojtyla as a pope brought great happiness and hope for a change to the whole nation. A few years later in a response to the people demanding freedom, just before Christmas in 1981 a martial law was introduced. For a young person like me it was time I will never forget because of the oppression that occurred. In 1984 I married my husband Jacek. We migrated to Shepparton, Australia in 1985. This was a great experience but also a challenge. Life here was full of happiness and freedom in every aspect. I was overwhelmed by the warm welcome and hospitality of every Australian I meet. Straight away I felt like I was a part of big family and felt like I had lived here a long time. My greatest challenge was that I didn't know much English. To this day I remember how difficult was to not be able to communicate and express myself. In 1987 we started our family. Now, we have 3 wonderful daughters that we are very proud of. They all went to St Brendan's and Notre Dame College and now they are all grown up. Raising children was my most enjoyable period of time. During time my daughters were at Notre Dame I was involved in Parents and Friends Association for many years. It is a great privilege to be a member of the Parish Pastoral Council and be able to contribute to the community.